Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wikipedia no-nothings

Recently I posted an opinion, bolstered by facts, about Islam.
Some left wing kooks on "wikipedia" were discussing it in their usual limp-wristed, all creeds and behaviours are equal, way that they do.
I had to laugh, but it's numbskulls like those on wikipedia that truly threaten our way of life.
They probably are blissfully unaware about the nature of Islam. They don't know that Over half of all convicted rapists in Denmark are Muslims even though Muslim immigrants constitute hardly five percent of the Danish population.
The situation is similar in other Scandinavian countries, too. France ,Britain,the Netherlands, and practically all European countries with large Muslim populations suffer at the hands of a small minority .
A significant portion of the immigrants has not only failed ,but consciously refused to assimilate to the western culture.
Some of them are even plotting its destruction, calling for jihad against the alleged transgressors against Islam.
Many more are aching to impose Sharia on their new home countries.Considering these facts, the rapid growth of the European Muslim population might alarm those natives who value their freedoms and stable societies. The number of Muslims residing in Europe doubled from eight to sixteen million over the last decade, and, according to a UN estimate, it is increasing at the rate of one million per year . Simple demographical calculations show that societies like France, Sweden and the Netherlands could undergo a profound Islamization in just two generations because of immigration and Muslims' exceptionally high birth-rates . Currently, Malmö, which is the third largest city in Sweden, is 20% Muslim. In Rotterdam, the Muslim percentage is estimated to be as high as 45%.
Why do you rarely learn about these concerns in the mainstream media? Why is it that most voices we hear urge us only to embrace multiculturalism without reservations? Why can't people be critical of other cultures without being labeled as right-wing bigots and racists?

Lacking answers to these questions, it might be hard to understand why a prestigious Canadian law school almost expelled a student who had written a somewhat impatient rebuttal to an appraisal of Sharia in a student magazine . Equally elusive would be the explanation for the statement given by a Norwegian professor regarding the rape statistics: instead of urging local Muslims to realize that females are not to blame for rapes - sometimes an odd notion to a Muslim man according to the professor - he advised women to take "their share of responsibility for these rapes." "Norwegian women must realize that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it," he lectured. The ladies ought to compromise on their freedom to dress attractively in the professor's view. Finnish politician Ben Zyskowicz may also have been bewildered about how easily one earns the label of a xenophobe in Finland. Expressing concern about Finland's refugee situation in June, 2002, Zyskowicz proposed that genuine refugees should be more carefully separated from the opportunists who only seek to exploit Finnish social security. Minister Eva Biaudet quickly condemned her colleague's statement: if not downright racist, it was "hostile" and "dangerously close" to the European far-right population.
Those fopish morons at wikipedia need to start reading something other than the leftist manifestos they are so besotted with.

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