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Obama Administration Gets Tough On Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation

Obama Administration Gets Tough On Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation

Posted by michaelblackburnsr on May 12, 2011
There are a couple of articles that seemed important to include on IsraelAmerica today. The first is a Jerusalem Post report about the administration’s view about the Fatah-Hamas rerconcilliation agreement.
Next up is a piece on the report that the President is going to address the world’s Muslims in the near future, and ask them to reject radical Islam.
So far, the administration is looking good on Hamas.
It remains to be seen what the President can do to change the outlook of a people, I mean here, the Persians, and the Arabs,President Obama who have practiced a rather brutal and racist version of Islam for hundreds of years.
Prior to Islam the Arabs were described by a fourth century Roman historian thusly:
Fighting and war are their delights.
The man who dies in battle is considered the happiest man of all, one who dies old, and in bed, is considered shamed.”
President Obama is known by many Muslims as the man who triumphed over Bin Laden, who ordered his death.
Arabs respect strength, so perhaps an Obama who is respected in this way may actually get through to these people.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week that the United States will not deal with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless the Islamist group reforms, The Jerusalem Post reported. “We’ve made it very clear that we cannot support any government that consists [sic] of Hamas unless and until Hamas adopts the Quartet principles,”Clinton said. The Quartet conditions require Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist, renounce violence and respect previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements. Clinton’s comments came in the wake of the unity deal signed between Hamas and Fatah on Wednesday.

Obama To Speak to Muslims About Rejecting Islamic Militancy


Published May 11, 2011.
WASHINGTON — President Obama reportedly is planning a new speech to the Muslim world that would call for a rejection of Islamic militancy.
The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the White House is planning for such a speech within the next two weeks, just as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to roll out proposals for reviving peace talks with the Palestinians in a meeting with Obama and in a speech to the U.S. Congress.
The United States and Israel share concerns that the pro-democracy movements now roiling the Arab world could be overtaken in some cases by Islamist forces.
According to the Journal, Obama wants to exploit the recent U.S. killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden to deliver a message that the United States embraces democracy but rejects militancy.
“It’s an interesting coincidence of timing,” the newspaper quoted deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes as saying. “That he is killed at the same time that you have a model emerging in the region of change that is completely the opposite of bin Laden’s model.”
Obama delivered a speech to the Muslim world in Cairo in June 2009 proposing a new era of engagement.
Conservatives criticized the speech for not emphasizing democratization.

The Chomsky Hoax

The Chomsky Hoax
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