Thursday, February 28, 2008

Muslims Against Sharia Blog

Muslims Against Sharia Blog

This is a great Blog.
Check it out!
It shows that there Are indeed decent Muslims.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Israel: We Are Ready For Iran, Syria, Hezbollah

By Joel LeydenIsrael News AgencyJerusalem ----- February 19, 2008 ....... As the Israel Foreign Ministry protests to the UN repeated statements by Iran to "wipe Israel off the map" security analysts in Israel say that the Jewish democratic nation is more than ready for any aggression by Iran, Hezbollah and Syria.
"Israel was born from the ashes of the Holocaust," said an Israel security analyst. "As such, Israel, the Jewish people and every democratic nation would not allow a second Holocaust to take place. Israel is more than prepared to meet any challenge by the new racist Nazi regime in Iran. We know every step they take, we know the color of the underwear that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hassan Nasrallah wear. If they think that the US can shoot down a satellite with laser pin point accuracy, they have not seen the weapons that Israel would and could use to defend herself - and I am not talking about nuclear or biological."
Iran's Revolutionary Guards yesterday stated that the Hezbollah in Lebanon would destroy Israel.
"In the near future, we will witness the destruction of Israel, the aggressor, this cancerous microbe Israel, at the able hands of the soldiers of the community of Hezbollah," the ideological force's commander, Mohammad Ali Jafari, was quoted by the Iran Fars news agency.
Iran's Fars News Agency reported that Jafari's prediction appears in a letter he wrote to Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah. Jafari was offering condolences to Nasrallah in the wake of last week's death of Hizbullah mastermind and arch-terrorist Imad Mughinyeh.
"Undoubtedly the martyrdom of this sincere fighter (Mughniyeh) will strengthen the determination of all revolutionary and combatant Muslims, particularly his comrades, in confrontation with the Zionist regime," Ali Jafari was quoted.
"It is no longer the citizens of Israel who now face a ballistic missile nuclear attack from Iran, but now every citizen of Europe has become a target," a French security analyst said. "It is for this reason that we applaud the US for its US missile defense shield program in Europe."
Mughniyeh was killed in a car bombing in Damascus, Syria last week. Israel has been credited with the elimination of the wanted terrorist, who was responsible for several major international terrorist attacks on Israel, American and Jewish targets. No confirmation has been forthcoming from Jerusalem. US President George Bush commented only that "the world is a better place" without Mughniyeh in it.
The escalating rhetoric from Hezbollah in the aftermath of the assassination of terrorist mastermind Imad Mugniyah is "a profoundly troubling development" that should be taken seriously, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said in a statement.
Hateful anti-Israel rhetoric figured prominently in the fiery speeches during today's mass funeral in southern Beirut, with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah blaming Israel for the death of Mugniyah and calling for "open war" against Israel and "the Zionists." Nasrallah and other leaders said the terrorist organization was prepared to retaliate "anywhere" against Israel.
"The hateful rhetoric is a profoundly troubling development, for we know the past record of Hezbollah followers and it is not unreasonable that they or others could take this as a call to action," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "In this interconnected world it is not just the tens of thousands of Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon who imbibed this vitriolic hatred, but a potential audience of millions across the Middle East and around the world.
"These threats should be taken seriously as incitement to violence. We know what Hezbollah is and what they are capable of doing. The international community must not remain silent in the face of these open threats against a sovereign nation and its citizens and supporters," added Mr. Foxman.
Nasrallah told a rally of 10,000 mourners that, "If the Zionists want war, then they shall have it. "Zionists, if you want an open war, then let it be an open war anywhere."
Mugniyah was responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against Western and Israel targets around the world, including the devastating 1983 bombings of the American embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, and the 1992 and 1994 bombings of the Israeli embassy and a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Following the assassination, Israel raised alert levels at its embassies around the world, with the Israel Defense Forces increasing security along the country's northern border and around key installations. In the US, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security advised state and local law enforcement authorities to be on alert for potential attacks by Hizbullah on Jewish communities or other targets within the US.
In response to Jafari's threatening letter, Israel's United Nations Ambassador Danny Gillerman filed a formal complaint with the UN Security Council on Monday evening. He called on the UNSC chairman to publicly condemn Iran for Jafari's statements, which he characterized as anti-Semitism and racism of the "most serious" kind.
"Israel has never been more prepared for a conclusive war against Iran, Syria and Iran Hezbollah puppets," said the Israel security analyst."As always, Israel will take whatever measures she can to avoid a war. But if the perverted Muslim leadership of Iran continues to insist on murdering innocent Israel and Iran citizens, if the soldiers of Iran really want to meet their 72 virgins, Israel is more than ready to provide a one way ticket."
Israel security sources state that advanced Patriot missiles have been deployed throughout Israel's northern border. The officials said that batteries were placed on standby Sunday for the first time since Israel's month-long war with Hezbollah in the summer of 2006, when the Lebanese terrorists fired nearly 4,000 rockets into northern Israel. The IDF would not comment on possible ground and space laser warfare weapons that they might have on standby. These advanced and sophisticated weapons, with pinpoint accuracy, could destroy a car, an underground bunker or a city in Iran or Syria.
Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Sunday he anticipated Hezbollah would try to retaliate for the assassination, possibly with help from Syria and Iran, and added that Israel was more than prepared on all fronts for an attack.
A sounding rocket was launched into space by Iran on February 4. Iran states it was a preliminary step toward sending its first research satellite into orbit. Iran's state-run television had reported at the beginning of the month that Iranian scientists had built the Omid (Hope) research satellite under a project that took 10 years to complete.
"We need to have an active and influential presence in space," said Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who attended the February 4 rocket launch.
Iran media gave no details about the rocket, called Kavoshgar-1, but some experts believe it could be a variant of the Shahab-3 missile, which has a range of up to 2,000 kilometers (about 1,200 miles).
"It's unfortunate Iran continues to test ballistic missiles. This regime continues to take steps that only further isolate it and the Iranian people from the international community," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said.
"We do not approve of Iran's constant demonstration of its intention to develop its missile sector, and to continue uranium enrichment," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
Iran is currently involved in a critical conflict with the West over its uranium enrichment program, with two sets of UN sanctions against Tehran in effect. The US and its allies fear that Iran space and nuclear programs may both serve as a cover for the development of nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.
"It is no longer the citizens of Israel who now face a ballistic missile nuclear attack from Iran, but now every citizen of Europe has become a target," a French security analyst said. "It is for this reason that we applaud the US for its US missile defense shield program in Europe."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hope for Peace

Everyone wants peace.
There is a new blog, out of Gaza and Sederot, that is wading in, trying to bring peace.
The end of Jewish existence in Israel is not negotiable.
How can there be peace when even the moderates, i.e., Abbas, say there should not be a Jewish State?
Hamas bombs innocent civilians every day.
The Jews want peace, but they would be foolish to make any concessions to Hamas, whose goal is to destroy Israel.
If the Arabs want peace, stop the bombing, stop the murder.
It seems to any objective observer that the goal of Arabs is peace, yes, but without Jews.

The New Blog is at:

Monday, February 11, 2008

A New Era For America

Our condolences to the family of Rep. Tom Santos, who passed last night.
Rep. Santos is the only Shoah survivor to be elected to Congress.
We mourn his passing.

As the Republican party prepares itself for their denouement, the end of their stranglehold on the white house, one ponders who the next President will be, Senator Obama or Senator Clinton.
The self-immolation of the Republicans was fascinating and inevitable.
Mike Huckebee, for example, admitting in one debate that he couldn’t comprehend the science of evolution, and in another saying that the constitution should be amended to conform to the Bible.
It’s one thing to believe that a collection of fairy tales is factual, it’s quite another to insist that people who don’t believe it should be governed by it.
He completely failed to grasp the section of the Bill of rights that wisely separated church from state.
Romney dropped out of the race last week, to spare the country the possibility of a Romney presidency.
Mr. 9’eleven, Guliani, misjudged American’s fears about 9’11, and the Republican Party’s tolerance of cross-dressing and serial marrying.
The Ron Paul freak show never really got off the ground.
McCain’s dreams of the “hundred year war” basically insured his defeat, while showing how completely out of touch he is with the American people.

With the Republicans defunct, it remains for the Democrats to unite and elect the Democratic nominee.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Restoring Democracy to America

I forced myself to view a dvd entitled, “Defeating the Left’s Plan to Kill Conservative Talk Radio”.
I won’t deny that it was funny.
But it was pathetic as well.
It demonstrates why many people call the present day conservatives “The Land of the Living Dead.”
No one really knows what “Conservative” means anymore.
To Ann Coulter it means destroying anyone who is different.
To Huckebee it means a Christian theocracy on the model of the Islamic states.
To John McCain, who is trying to convince the “right” that he is as silly, irrelevant and wacky as they are, “conservative” means fighting wars with no other strategy than “staying one hundred years”.
To Bush it means, “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Say no more.”
To most “conservatives” it means a huge government bureaucracy to control those with out “means”, particularly if they are leftists, atheists, Jews, whores, homosexuals, feminists, drifters or free-thinkers.
The last true Conservative was Barry Goldwater.
He believed in smaller government and less interference in American’s beliefs and lives.
Today’s “conservatives” would call Barry Goldwater a “far leftist”.
Most conservatives consider Reagan as the paradigm of a conservative.
I would agree with that assessment.
He also demonstrated that one could be a leading conservative thinker while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as he was during the last two years of his Presidency.
One suspects that the truly intelligent conservatives, i.e., Laura Ingram and Bill Buckley, ( I believe they are the only two…are their any others?) are either true conservatives, in the Goldwater mode, or hustlers.

The “conservatives” of today want to jail women for having abortions.
They want to force non-Christians to pray in our schools.
They want to strip gays of any rights or equality.
They fear to negotiate, and only negotiate out of greed.
Although there is, as far as I can tell, not a single follower of Socialism or Communism within the Democratic Party,
The conservative whine is always, “They are Socialists. They want health care for poor people, they want decency in human relationships, they want people to be free to choose, they want to smoke Marijuana and not go to prison for it!”
It appears certain that either Hillary or Obama will be our next president.
G-d willing those who’ve been brainwashed by the onslaught of propaganda from the “conservatives”, will be able to finally see through the fog, and America can start on the road back to normalcy, decency, and freedom for its citizens.

The Chomsky Hoax

The Chomsky Hoax
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