Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump: I have no Idea what the Ku Klux Klan is

Trump was asked by a reporter if he rejected the endorsement of Ku Klux Klan big wig David Duke.
"I don't know what the Klan is so I'm not going to comment on that. How can I go negative on a group that I know nothing about?"
Well..he was negative on Mexicans, indicating he knew nothing about them. Remember , "They're  rapists, drug dealers and criminals.
I assume some of them are OK."

I was with him on the muslims, the arab muslims in particular are the most monolithic people in the world. Almost all of them support islamic criminality.
They want an islamic form of government and are against human rights for ANYBODY.
They support murdering people for belonging to other religions.
They favor maiming starving people for stealing a slice of bread.
They support murdering girls for going to school.
Almost every single arab muslim supports this criminal idiocy.
Arab muslims are different than most people in the world.
They are the one group that fit into a horrendous stereotype. Not every single one maybe, but an overwhelming majority of them.

Mexicans as I mentioned earlier, have the same goals as we do.
They want jobs, they don't enslave women like arab muslims.
They even believe in a kind God, the same God that most Americans believe in.
Trump is way off in his attacks against Mexicans.
And he definitely lost my vote when he said he would be neutral in the war of blood thirsty muslim maniacs against Israel.
I didn't inherit 200 million dollars, like trump, but unlike trumped I've worked for what I have, nobody ever gave anything to me, and yet I know Mexicans are good people and klansmen are not.
Trump needs to go back to his "advisors" so he can pretend to be a businessman rather than a politician that is totally inept.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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