Monday, February 4, 2008

Restoring Democracy to America

I forced myself to view a dvd entitled, “Defeating the Left’s Plan to Kill Conservative Talk Radio”.
I won’t deny that it was funny.
But it was pathetic as well.
It demonstrates why many people call the present day conservatives “The Land of the Living Dead.”
No one really knows what “Conservative” means anymore.
To Ann Coulter it means destroying anyone who is different.
To Huckebee it means a Christian theocracy on the model of the Islamic states.
To John McCain, who is trying to convince the “right” that he is as silly, irrelevant and wacky as they are, “conservative” means fighting wars with no other strategy than “staying one hundred years”.
To Bush it means, “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Say no more.”
To most “conservatives” it means a huge government bureaucracy to control those with out “means”, particularly if they are leftists, atheists, Jews, whores, homosexuals, feminists, drifters or free-thinkers.
The last true Conservative was Barry Goldwater.
He believed in smaller government and less interference in American’s beliefs and lives.
Today’s “conservatives” would call Barry Goldwater a “far leftist”.
Most conservatives consider Reagan as the paradigm of a conservative.
I would agree with that assessment.
He also demonstrated that one could be a leading conservative thinker while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as he was during the last two years of his Presidency.
One suspects that the truly intelligent conservatives, i.e., Laura Ingram and Bill Buckley, ( I believe they are the only two…are their any others?) are either true conservatives, in the Goldwater mode, or hustlers.

The “conservatives” of today want to jail women for having abortions.
They want to force non-Christians to pray in our schools.
They want to strip gays of any rights or equality.
They fear to negotiate, and only negotiate out of greed.
Although there is, as far as I can tell, not a single follower of Socialism or Communism within the Democratic Party,
The conservative whine is always, “They are Socialists. They want health care for poor people, they want decency in human relationships, they want people to be free to choose, they want to smoke Marijuana and not go to prison for it!”
It appears certain that either Hillary or Obama will be our next president.
G-d willing those who’ve been brainwashed by the onslaught of propaganda from the “conservatives”, will be able to finally see through the fog, and America can start on the road back to normalcy, decency, and freedom for its citizens.
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