Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Land of the Living Dead

One almost felt sorry for George W. Bush as he made his, thankfully, last state of the union address to congress and a smattering of the American people.
I say almost, because the damage he has done to this country causes anger to overwhelm feelings of pity.
He didn’t speak about the record budget deficits, or the historically high trade deficit, in fact, he spoke of nothing that seemed to have any connection to reality.
I though it was rather humorous however that he did mention the fact that charitable contributions are higher than ever, and not make the connection that these contributions are necessary since the republican administration has driven vast numbers of Americans into poverty
Poor Nancy Pelosi seemed barely able to restrain her self from bursting out in laughter on several occasions, as Bush smirked and stumbled through an altogether uninspiring speech.
Cheney, sitting to the right of Speaker Pelosi looked stupefyingly bored.
Why not?
The ideas and the words are his, he’s heard them a million times.
As he talked about the successes in Iraq, one kept thinking, we could have defeated the terrorists in Afghanistan, where we had the support of the world.
We didn’t have to kill them in Iraq, Saddam was doing that.
Iraq was a secular country, look at photos from the days when Saddam was in power.
Women wore dresses and pantsuits.
Now they wear burkas..
Only a fool would believe that Iraq is not going to continue the present trend of Islamization.
Our presence in Iraq has insured another terrorist country, similar to our good friends, the Saudis, whose citizens, we should not forget, murdered thousands of Americans.
Many people think Bush is an idiot.
Perhaps its because he says that the Palestinians are working towards peace with Israel.
Everyone else in the world knows that Palestinians are bombing Israel daily.
They have launched thousands of bombs onto Israeli neighborhoods since they were given control of Gaza and they overwhelmingly voted, into power, Hamas, whose stated purpose is to destroy Israel.
Bush wants to arm the Saudis, who are technically at war with Israel.
Maybe he is an idiot.
I think he’s just a liar.
He didn’t mention homelessness, of course.
Why would he?
What would he say?
“I successfully ignored that problem? What jobs I didn’t help ship overseas I helped staff with illegal aliens?”
As he left the podium, he placed a mask-like smile on his face.
He bore an eerie resemblance to Bela Lugosi at that moment.
Welcome to the land of the living dead.
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