Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bashar al-Assad Or Islamic Republic?

The "freedom fighters" in Syria are the same type of misogynist hooligans that came to power in Egypt and Libya.
Assad is a bad man, but those who are, according to the U.N., also
committing crimes against civilians, are even worse.
There is nothing worse for any human being, but particularly women, than another Islamic state.
This would be a huge step further backwards for the Arab world.
I remember in Libya, when the "freedom fighters" were addressing the media they said things like, "We want freedom and Democracy.", exactly the words the dirt bags in Syria are now saying.
But, as the gangs in Libya were killing Gaddafi they were screaming "Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar."
Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood's stooge, intends to make himself the supreme leader of the Arab world.
You will notice as you view the scenes of the "freedom fighters" in Syria, there are no women in the mobs of jubilant murderous rioters.

The Islamic scum, BTW, which are attempting to Islamize Syria, are as anti-Israel and as filled with Jew hatred as any venous excuse for a human could possibly be.

Assad once said, "I am modernizing Syria, but because I am anti-Israel and anti -America, the people will not revolt against me."
One could infer that this hatred was mainly to keep the Islamic thugs and the illiterate mass of Arabs happy.
The Islamists trying to topple Syria, make no mistake about it..HATE JEWS and HATE Israel...the only unifying point in all of Islam is Jew hatred.

So, in short, I think the Russians and the Chinese, who are backing Assad, got this one right.
As bad as Assad is, he is not a 15th century cave dweller, like the "freedom fighters" are.


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