Monday, July 23, 2012

The BBC Must Recognize Israel's Capitol

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Recently, the BBC Olympic website omitted Jerusalem's status as the capital of the State of Israel. Each country's profile on the BBC's 2012 London Olympics website contains basic information, including a map, country capital and picture.
Jerusalem was not listed as the Capital of Israel.
The office of Israel's Prime Minister sent a number of letters to the BBC demanding correction. The BBC subsequently made a token, but insignificant change, labeling Jerusalem as Israel's 'Seat of government' --
but not it's capital.
The website changes are inadequate, and constitute a clear attempt to deny and de-legitimize Israel's capital.
Why did Israel's government officially respond to the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) refusal to designate Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?
The answer is because the BBC is a taxpayer funded entity, and a semi-official voice of the United Kingdom. The BBC is a primary source of information for millions of people throughout the world. When the BBC ignores Israel's capital, it constitutes a major step to de-legitimize the State of Israel.
The BBC should be told loudly and clearly that it must recognize Israel and its capital, Jerusalem.
Israel's supporters and allies must proclaim Israel's sovereignty over its destiny and its Eternal Capital.
If the BBC denied that London or Paris was the capital of the UK or France, the U.S. would (and should) protest loudly. Similarly, One Jerusalem urges all of its supporters to let the BBC know how they feel. Urge President Obama and other leaders of the countries in which you reside to join the chorus in defending Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Please contact the BBC and President Obama today!

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