Monday, February 11, 2008

A New Era For America

Our condolences to the family of Rep. Tom Santos, who passed last night.
Rep. Santos is the only Shoah survivor to be elected to Congress.
We mourn his passing.

As the Republican party prepares itself for their denouement, the end of their stranglehold on the white house, one ponders who the next President will be, Senator Obama or Senator Clinton.
The self-immolation of the Republicans was fascinating and inevitable.
Mike Huckebee, for example, admitting in one debate that he couldn’t comprehend the science of evolution, and in another saying that the constitution should be amended to conform to the Bible.
It’s one thing to believe that a collection of fairy tales is factual, it’s quite another to insist that people who don’t believe it should be governed by it.
He completely failed to grasp the section of the Bill of rights that wisely separated church from state.
Romney dropped out of the race last week, to spare the country the possibility of a Romney presidency.
Mr. 9’eleven, Guliani, misjudged American’s fears about 9’11, and the Republican Party’s tolerance of cross-dressing and serial marrying.
The Ron Paul freak show never really got off the ground.
McCain’s dreams of the “hundred year war” basically insured his defeat, while showing how completely out of touch he is with the American people.

With the Republicans defunct, it remains for the Democrats to unite and elect the Democratic nominee.

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