Thursday, September 20, 2007

Israeli Raid Buys Time

There are reports from various sources today that Syria has been receiving nuclear equipment from North Korea.
The Israeli Air Force raid on the Syrian Agricultural Research building (the details of which are only now beginning to be reported) was a major blow to the hopes of the alliance between Syria and North Korea to create a new threat to both the life of Israel and peace in the world. But while we can cheer the bravery and skill of the Israeli pilots, commandos and planners who've apparently carried off this coup -- with the same daring and precision that characterized past triumphs, such as the 1981 destruction of Iraq's Osirak nuclear facility -- this should not distract us from the clear implications of a frightening reality.
Americans, who are so tired of the war in Iraq that they deplore the projection of force against Iran more than they fear Tehran's nuclear threats, must think about the implications of either Syria or Iran gaining such weaponry. The Israeli dash into Syria may have gained us all a little time, but the idea that this nightmare has been put to rest and that further action isn't needed is simply a delusion.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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