Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Israel Warns Terrorists

This terror must stop.
Experience has shown that Arabs respect only one thing...force.

ZIKIM, Israel (AFP) — Israel warned Gaza militants on Tuesday after a rocket smashed into an army base, wounding dozens of sleeping conscripts and piling pressure on the government to hit the Hamas-run area.
At least 69 soldiers sleeping in tents were wounded when the homemade rocket crashed in the dead of night into Zikim base in southern Israel not far from the border with Gaza, an army spokesman and medics said.
It was the bloodiest Palestinian rocket strike from Gaza in months and came ahead of the start of the Jewish New Year, increasing the pressure on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's cabinet to take action to stop such fire.
The premier met senior ministers and military chiefs to decide on a response to the attack which Hamas -- a group sworn to Israel's destruction -- called "legitimate resistance."
"Those who carry out these types of attacks, as well as those who support them, should know that they are not safe," Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin told AFP.
No formal announcement was made after the meeting, but Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told reporters that "we have not only military tools that we can use in the face of what's happening in Gaza."
This appeared to be an allusion to earlier calls by ministers for Israel to cut electricity, fuel and water supplies into the territory, measures that Olmert has so far rejected.
Many of the wounded troops were conscripts due to complete their basic training on Tuesday. Most of them received only light injuries, although the army said one was wounded critically and four seriously.
The military wing of the radical Islamic Jihad -- which is behind most rocket firings into Israel -- claimed the attack and dubbed it "The Dawn of Victory."
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