Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stick a fork in Gadhafi, He's done

Today it appears that Ghadafi is finished as the Grand wizard of Libya.
In the ‘70’s he emulated Castro, he talked about liberation and promoted an African Union.
While, like any politician, he kept some views from the “conservatives” to incorporate into his political philosophy, he intended, like Saddam, to drag Arabia and maybe the Africans into the 20th century.
The West, represented by the U.S. hated him because of the concern over his leftist pronouncements, and his confiscation of property.
The Arabs hated him because he wasn’t an Islamist.
The perfect storm was being brewed.

Several things are at play, one, the Arabs rioting across the Middle-East are not freedom fighters.
At the most optimistic, they are being controlled by radical Islamists.
It seems that there is a somewhat moderate Muslim here and there.
However, when the “nation building” starts, they are nowhere to be seen.
The Islamists are taking power in all of the “Arab Spring” events.
They hate Jews.
They hate Americans.
Another significant factor in the “Arab Spring” tumult is the fact that the dictators, who are really tough, ruthless, very bad guys, are not able to stop the rebels.
In the religious schools in Arabia, the children are taught from an early age to hate Jews first, and almost everyone else, too.
They are taught the glories of violence and mayhem and death, on behalf of Islam, Palestine, and so on.
By the time they are adolescents they are primed for murder and suicide, so many volunteer for suicide missions that terrorist groups have to turn them away.
Historically Arabs have always had a xenophobic outlook and a superiority complex.
Millions of Arabs have come to realize that they can topple their “infidel” governments.
How can they be stopped?
They can’t, as Ghadafi and Mubarak and others are learning.
They were successfully trained NOT to fear death.
The replacements for Mubarak and Ghadafi are going to be worse for everyone than they were.
By the way, there are protests going on in Israel at the same time as Ghadafi is fleeing for his life and Arabs are firing shoulder held rocket launchers into the air in celebration of their victory over the government. “Allah Akbar” they scream.

The Jewish unrest is nothing like the Arab Spring, of course.

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