Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liberals are Israels Natural allies

The liberals are Israels Natural allies.
Most Jews are liberals.
Israel is, of course, the planet's only Jewish Nation.
There are, in contrast, 22 Arab nations.
Jews are liberals because they are, by nature and upbringing, compassionate, and sympathetic to the underdog.
The Jews marched hand in hand with black Americans in the fifties and sixties, to help them achieve freedom, and they, the Jews, died in large numbers beside the blacks.
Jews were prominent in the early days of Union organizing, when most Americans could not make enough money working full time to have little more than a subsistence lifestyle.
Israel has always been the Jewish Homeland.
Most were driven from Israel as a result of being conquered by other peoples, but there has always been a Jewish presence.
From the 19th century forward, Jews began returning to Israel, which the Romans, many centuries earlier, had renamed Palestine.
They were met in some cases, by friendly, curious Arabs, but more often, by hostile Arabs who attacked and murdered them when they were able.
Even so, Jews continued to return to their homeland, the land to which their prayers had been addressed for two thousand years of the diaspora.
In the 20th century, the bane of Jewish life, the pograms, the brutal murders to which these people had always been subjected, came to bloody and antiseptic fruition with Hitler's mass murders.
After the Holocaust and the butchery of 6million Jews, the Jews fought against all odds, including the entire array of Arab armies fighting as one, and formed the State of Israel, the Jews had come home.
The Arabs, who started out from a small part of the Southern Arabian Peninsula, wanted it all.
Since the first Aliyah, the first return of the Jews to rejoin the Jews who had always lived in Israel and environs, the Arabs have been blood-thirsty and cruel, threatening to “Throw the Jews into the Sea.”
They have been spectacularly successful, since the advent of Yassir Arafat's PLO, in gaining the upper hand in terms of PR.
Arafat's group, playing on the surface similarity between true liberation groups, such as Che's Sierra Madre troops, and the PLO, waged a terrorist war against the Jews that Che would have condemned completely.
Guevarra was a fighter, Arafat was a baby- killer.

I ask the liberals, our friends, to come home, to the defense of the one tiny Jewish State.
Although Israel is powerful militarily, and has the support of her people, she is always under siege.
Please listen to this song by Bob Dylan.
He uses irony to make the point that my poor words could never make.

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