Friday, January 16, 2009


I wish to speak again, tonight, to Liberals.
Not all Jews are theologians, not all Jews use the G-d argument to support the right of Jews to have their homeland.
I admire Taoism and I think it comes closest to explaining the meaning of life and reality in its interpretation of metaphysics (the study of the underlying nature of reality), but I don't sing hymns, talk in tongues, carry scrolls, wear purple robes, or chant nam myoho renge kyo.
Its time to get beyond labels.
Liberals are marked by a desire to promote personal freedom and equality.
Liberals support progress.
Liberals believe in science.
Liberals should be supporters of Israel since Israel is founded on Liberal principles and is the only free country on the Arabian Peninsula.
The main difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives believe government is to control people's behaviour and liberals believe government is to help improve people's lives.
Its time for people to come together based on their commonality rather than fight based on misperceptions.
Religion is one of the main factors behind terrorism.
If the Arabs didn't have their religion they would have no reason to hate.
There are no angelic choirs singing hallelujah, or 72 virgins waiting for the kids who blow themselves up killing Jews.
The sooner ALL of us move beyond folk tales and embrace reality, the better off we ALL will be.
These tales of miracles and magic and super beings are not helpful, they delay progress and create unnecessary divisions.
It would be a shame to condemn all Muslims, as Daniel Pipes and Carolyn Glick have said, on the expose' of radical Isam in the documentary, "Obsession".
Christians slaughtered lots of innocent people in their day as well.
OTOH, radical Islam has declared war on decency and civilization, and they need to be opposed with any means necessary.
According to some figures, 20% of Muslims support radical Islam, thats around 300 million potential criminals.
Groups such as Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, even Fatah, should be ruthlessly decimated.
On the other hand, I wouldn't want to see Irshad Manji harmed, or members of Muslims for Israel, would you?

A person can be a liberal and say, with complete conviction,
I'm proud of Israel.
I'm proud of the courage shown by the Jewish people.
I'm proud of the courage of the men and women of the IDF, and Gilad Shalit,
and the other Israelis and supporters of Israel that I comunicate with.
I'm proud of her people and her goverment and her role as light unto the nations.
I'm proud of the Jewish martyrs who gave their lives in service to the Children of Israel, Baruch Goldstein, Rabbi Kahane, Irv Rubin and Earl Leslie Krugel (OBM)

I'm proud that I know Simone Simmons, a child of Israel, and one of Israel's prominent supporters.
Ani ohev Yisrael.

I don't care how the Arabs feel about Israel.
They can't even run their own Arab nation.
Let them build homes, and hospitals and women's shelters, intead of missiles and tunnels.
Let them begin to grant rights to women, let hem stop indocdrinating their children wih racial hatred.
Let them stop teaching children to have, as a goal in life, reaching young adulthood only to die blowing themselves up while murdering innocent people.
As the leader of Hamas said recently, "The jews treasure life.
We treasure death."
Moderate Muslims need to join muslims that are speaking out against the criminals that are destroying and hijacking their religion.
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