Saturday, January 3, 2009

Debka.Com Under Arab Attack

Arab protesters torching Danish Embassy
Hamas Teaching Children to be Homicide Killers

Arabs with computers have been attacking the Web Site , since they don't want the world to hear the truth about the war on terrorists being conducted in Hamastan, aka Gaza.
The Arabs are such liars.
We see one Arab spokesperson after another paraded accross our tv sets, they all say the same thing.
Its Israel's fault.
Israel should lay down her arms.
Hamas won't stop launching missiles because of the occupation.
There is no occupation, Israel left Gaza years ago.
As soon as she left, Hamas cuthroats began firing upon Israel.
When caught in the occupation lie the Arab Propagandists say, "They blockade Gaza the people are starving."
They don't mention that Egypt, an Arab country also borders Gaza, and they have shut down the border as well, to keep the criminals, the murderers, the terrorists, where they are wanted, according to popular vote.
They are not wanted anywhere except in Gaza, and Egypt has blockaded them because they are violent criminals.
Today and over the last few days we've seen Arabs around the world "protesting" Israel's defense against the thousands of Gazan rockets launched at her unarmed civilian population.
The look on the face of the protesters is pure hatred, they reflect the anti-Semitic anti-"infidel" feelings in their hearts.
They throw molotov cocktails at police.
They should be immediately arrested and deported.

Hamas and her supporters need to be shown how weak they are, they need and deserve the rough chastisement they are experiencing now.
These people are scum.They abuse their children horrifically.
They abuse their women.
They are haters, hiding behind a "religion".
They need to be taken down, and the sooner the better.

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