Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel Spares Hamas

It's official.

There is a truce in Gaza.

Israel feels compelled to declare a truce, seemingly, as a result of world and U.S. pressure.

It is hard to get an accurate assessment on causalities inside of Gaza, but estimates are around 600 terrorists killed and an unknown number of civilians, used as human shields by Hamas.

PM Olmert said, “We have inflicted heavy damage upon Hamas, and reduced her offensive capabilities.”

Since Hamas is not concerned with deaths involving Palestinians other than Hamas members except as PR devices, one wonders how long this truce can hold.

Hamas reportedly has not accepted the truce.

Israel has been putting up with rockets being launched indiscriminately into civilian areas, terrorists blowing up cafes and buses, and the occasional shootout.

Israel was well within her rights to put a stop to it once and for all.

Many more Germans were killed in the civilized world's response to Nazism.

If Hamas members ever have the courage to fight without hiding behind women and children, the collateral damage will be less.

Michael Blackburn, Sr

Arutz Sheva News
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