Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Do Arab "Militants" Hate Obama?

They fear him.
In a release from the second in command of Al Qaeda,they refered to President-Elect Obama as a "house nigger."
In the taped message from the terrorist group they also compared President-Elect Obama to Malcolm X, who they refered to as an honorable "negro".
It is believed that the eccentric traitor Adam Qadan was heavily involved in the content of Al Qaeda's latest choleric outpouring.
In the video they showed Obama in a kippa praying with Jews.
They railed against the President-elect's pledge to support Israel and to step up anti-terror operations in Afganistan.
Obama tends to blunt some of the racism practiced by Arab militants in general and Al Qaeda specifically by showing that unlike in the Arab world, in America minorities can hold the highest office in the country.
This web site has long maintained that Obama will be a firm ally of Israel.
So far all signs continue to point in that direction.

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