Monday, November 10, 2008

Pali Terrorist and Holocaust denier, Thanks Bush. Condi calls on Israel to stop settlements

Continuing the historic scheme in which Israel is reprimanded and Palestinian terrorists are coddled, Rice on Friday repeated the Bush administration's calls for Israel to stop expanding
settlements in the Palestinian territories, by which she means Judea and Samaria, traditional Jewish land, often referred to as the "heart of the heart of the promised land."

She said that Israeli actions are damaging the "peace process".

"President Bush's vision of an independent state of Palestine,while it will not come in a single, dramatic moment, it will come," she vowed.

No mention was made during the trip of the thousands of bombs launched into Israel by Palestinian terrorists since the begining of the year.

That does not seem to be a problem as far as the Bush administration is concerned.

However, she did say that the talks were "stuck" on the issues of the final status of Jerusalem and the "right of return".

And settlements.

The Palestinian leader thanked the Bush administration for
brokering the round of talks.

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