Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Israel?

I ask myself that question.
Others ask it.
Another way that the question has been put is, why should Israel be Jewish?
Throughout all of recorded history, or at least back to biblical times, Israel has been Jewish, or has been home to Jews.
There has always been a Jewish presence in Israel.
Arabs arrived 700 years ago, so they are relative newcomers.
Throughout history, at least since the Diaspora, i.e., the dispersal of most of the Jews occuring after the Roman period, Jews as a people have been persecuted.
There really is only one place they are not persecuted, at least not by their government, and that is in Israel.
Israel must be Jewish since if it was not, there would be no homeland for the Jews, a right given to every other people.
The Arabs, for example, have over 22 countries that they may call their homeland.
To survive, the Jews need one.
To paraphrase Shai Ben Tekoa, the Arabs have land equal to the size of North America.
The Jews have a country equal to the size of Rhode Island.
The Arab complaint is that the Jews have too much land and the Arabs don't have enough.
The aim of Israel America is to attempt to help those who support Israel, and those who wish to learn about Israel to do so.
Please come back.
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