Sunday, March 9, 2008

Do We Deserve To Survive?

I have a problem with Bush and Rice and anyone else who calls for a Palestinian State.
Fatah has said they would respect a Jewish State, but have not changed their charter which calls for destruction of Israel.
Hamas, which appears to be ascendant amongst Palistinian Arabs does not even hide their rabid anti-Jewism.

And we should create a state for these people?

If over the last 30 years the Palestinian Arabs had been able to control their lust for Jewish blood, even for a short time, they would have had a state.
Contrary to the view point of Nazi types like Hamas and the Arabs,the Jews deserve a homeland.
Israel is the Jewish Homeland.
Surrendering Israel a little at a time makes less sense to me than defending her vigorously.
In the history of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs in Judea and Samaria and Gaza the Arabs have repeatedly committed atrocities, inflicting as much carnage as possible on innocents.
When they show that they can stop this seemingly ingrained behaviour, Israel won't need to be told to create another state for them. She will do it gladly on her own.
I haven't seen any indication however that the Palestinian Arabs are becoming less murderous towards the Jews, or even each other.
Has anyone else?
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