Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Child Abuse in Palestine

When is the world going to call for an end to the horrific child abuse being perpetrated against the children of the Palestinians?
Hamas-controlled television has introduced a series of death-glorifying, bloodthirsty children's characters on "Tomorrow's Pioneers." They include Farfour, a Mickey Mouse look-alike who is seen dancing "with an imaginary gun in his gloved hands and encourages kids to drink milk, study hard -- and engage in violent acts of 'resistance' against their Israeli neighbors and America."
Farfour was martyred last June after trying to liberate the land "from the filth of the criminal, plundering Jews," only to be replaced by Nahoul a bee who wants to follow Farfour's path "of heroism, of martyrdom, and of the muijahideen." Nahoul's death was shown to Palestinian children last month, a result of the blockade on Gaza.
He was replaced by a rabbit named Assud, who tells children "I, Assud, will get rid of the Jews, Allah willing. And I will eat them up, Allah willing, right?"
Then there's "The Gifted, a back-to-school program that showed a small boy, identified as a 2-year-old, skulking around in military garb and aiming an assault weapon "at the occupying terrorists."
"We'll wear the battle-vest of self sacrifice and follow the path of the Shahids," a child narrator says as the younger boy, his face hooded, stoops down with his weapon.
Showcasing these indoctrinations of hate and death, the duplicity of groups like CAIR in standing by Hamas, often brings back accusations of bigotry. And the death toll climbs.
Over 1000 missiles have rained upon S'derot since Israel left to give Palestinians the freedom to show the world that Palestinians can build, not just destroy.
What have they built?
The Palestinians destroy their own children's lives, and murder Israeli children outright.
Recently, Condi Rice called upon Israel to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
In what perverted sense is the humanitarian crisis Israel's responsibility?
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