Sunday, December 24, 2017

Trump is Proof That Wealth Needs to be Redistributed

Trump is not just the dumbest leader in the world's history, he highlights the necessity of
making sure that a man with zero leadership ability doesn't purchase the WH again.
With one of the major political parties, the Republican party,
Being run by criminals and proudly running child molestors and serial rapists for political office, the decent Americans are being forced to fight back.
The unfortunates who voted for the Russian's candidate, trump, obviously don't have the intelligence to make choices as serious as who shall lead our country.
You can't blame trump for the embarrassing view most nations now have about the U.S.
 He is a stooge, he wouldn't last a day working at a burger stand.
Trump was chosen by Putin and American traitors because he inherited money, which to the republicans is de facto proof of superiority, and because he is stupid enough to do what he is told.
When we elect a qualified man to be president in 2020, taxation should be restructured so that the folks who voted for trump don't put a third unqualified TV star in office.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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