Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wanted: Model To Be Trump Surrogate

It must be Hell being a trump surrogate. The  panels on CNN and MSNBC
usually have a couple of news people and the surrogate. 
For example, on the CNN panel tonight she was asked about trump's embarrassing reaction to Brexit .
The surrogate's job is to make completely ridiculous statements and try to change the subject, while the other panel members try not to laugh outloud.
The surrogate has to talk fast, so no one interrupts her with a slew of pesky facts.

One gets the feeling that the surrogates consider the night a success if they can keep the other panelists from speaking by making every response a monologue.
And when one of the other panelists starts to talk the surrogate has to immediately and continuosly interrupt them.

Surrogate Job, Anyone?
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