Friday, May 20, 2016

"The Problem is not muslims" say soft porn newsmodels

The liberals on CNN are beating up on the trump surrogate for saying that we need to increase scrutiny on groups that are committing crimes of terror.
Model/News commentators are attractive, but they are defending muslim terrorists, sorry, but that's stupid.
Right now they are all shouting at the trump surrogate, you can't make out what they are saying because they are screeching and yelling at the same time.
But its along the line of "Stop blaming muslims for terrorism. They are not responsible for it.
ISLAM is peaceful!!!"

There are some really serious, horrifying crimes going on around the world, and the VAST majority of it is muslim criminality.

Idiots like the Newsmodels and the angry looking butch lesbian  who looks like she is about to punch the surrogate are driving Americans into trumps camp.
 The terrorists don't need the support of these pathetic fools.
Woman and children are being murdered and all the liberals have to say is how peaceful islam is and how evil the "ISLAMAPHOBES" are.

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