Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dershowitz: Sanders Is Dangerous Ignoramus, Picked ‘Professional Israel-Hater’ For Democratic Platform

TEL AVIV – Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, “an ignoramus when it comes to the Middle East,” has tapped a “professional Israel-hater” for the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee, internationally acclaimed lawyer Alan Dershowitz told the Algemeiner on Tuesday.
Dershowitz, a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party and the author of The Case for Israel, slammed Sander’s selection of Arab-American Institute (AAI) president and BDS activist extraordinaire James Zogby to fill one of his five slots.
“Bernie Sanders is an ignoramus when it comes to the Middle East, and he is very strongly biased against Israel. He gets his information from hard-Left, anti-Israel sources, and he doesn’t think for himself,” he said.

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