Thanks to  Israel Advocacy for this excellent and informative article. MFBSR

YOUR MEDIA IS SILENT!  What are YOU going to do about Jew Hatred?  New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, Los Angeles Times, BBC, all of them are silent  because they support the destruction of the Jewish state.  Supporting terror by omitting news that citizens of the world need to know, distorting public opinion with bias against Israel, slander, libel and hiding the truth of the global Jew Hatred, coexistent with the global Islamification of our world.  Politicians and public voices ridicule the obvious as they profit - through votes, through finances or through the false security they feel in denying the obvious, the mind numbing, terrifying obvious.  Consider the news of 10 and 20 years ago - of how we accept murder and rape daughters and babies and bombs in Sbarros and cafes and homeland security and terror plots...while we do not even whisper of the sacrifices and the threats incurred daily by the Israelis - We celebrate Israel inventions and scientific breakthroughs and inventions that save and improve lives but we do not credit Israel or Jews with these miracles of the lucent, genius, generous mind.  We have great orators debate the obvious - with those against Israel far out numbering her supporters - Evidence shredded, buried, denied to convict her as overwhelming evidence in support of her claims, her morality, her history, her integrity and the crimes, the SINS of her enemies are ---- covered up.  Kept silent.  Buried. Denied.  Look again at our country then...and now.  Consider the polarization created by our leaders and our media.  Consider the blatant lies that your president (don't gasp) and his administration are handing you.  The absurdity of what is being accepted is at critical mass. Do you not see thorough and complete contemporary parallel with the early 20th century rise of Naziism - the denial, the contempt of the far left and far right as they are complicit in the rising crescendo of injustice and hatred? The world revels in its hatred and hypocrisy, it revels drunk in its fear and edges closer to blood lust.  No proof, no history, no truth is sacred or safe or potent enough to substantiate the claims of the sane - Every red line is eradicated with boisterous, inflammatory denial held high as the holy grail; arrogant, salacious accusations are boiling the blood of our world citizens as leaders and media lead us toward a conflagration ecstatically forged.   What can come of this?  What can come of this?