Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Paradigm

It's tragic, really. 
The Israelis are innocent victims, and the Palestinians are brainwashed. 
They are brainwashed by their religion, and by their religious leaders. 
For the last few years the people of Judea and Samaria, I mean the Arabs, have been thriving. 
People, even Arabs, like buying and owning things, the Palestinians in those areas seemed to be evolving, at least somewhat. 
Gaza has been going the other way, back to the 7th century. 

The only answer I can come up with to the Arab and militant Muslim problem is a coalition of countries to assume responsibility for ruling the Arabs until we can teach them how to rule themselves using a framework of universally recognized human rights. 
Most of the world has evolved socially, not Iran, the Arab states, Pakistan and so on.
It is intolerable that these dictators and "clerics" are allowed to abuse their own innocent citizens. 

The nation building idea is not a bad one, the problem has been we haven't really insisted that human rights must be enforced, so we get what we have in Iraq, a popularly elected theocracy which is as corrupt and more harmful to the Arab people than Saddam or Ghaddafi or Mubarek. 

One of the major problems Israel has is that the strategy of the Hamas gang is to encourage Israel to match rocket attack for rocket attack. 
Hamas hopes that innocent Arab women and children will be hit by mistake, 
certainly unintentionally, and they can email the pictures of Israeli "war crimes" around the world. 

Sort of the problem the U.S. has in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
That's why Obama had Bin Laden taken out by a small group. 
One option he had is just to drop a bomb on the killer, but civilians and women would have died. 
The press would have been terrible for us. 
As it was the U.S. came out of this episode a winner. 
We looked like John Wayne. 

We can't just walk away from the middle east, we will have to fight them here and in Europe and everywhere else if we do. 

The fact is we actually are at war with Islam, even though the previous President stated the opposite repeatedly. 

It is time for a new paradigm. 

The model should be that instead of reacting to attacks we put into practice the strategy that requires the militant Islamic communities to provide basic human rights, and until they do, the coalition will assume governing authority in these entities. 
It is going to come to this, and this is how our resources and tactics should be directed.

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