Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tahrir square today on International Women's Day.

Women were driven from Tahrir square today on International Women's Day.
The Arab men, who recently appreciated the strong support and presence of the Arab women, shouted, "Go home! That is where you belong!" and other taunts, to force women gathering to celebrate International Women's day to leave the square.
Today on Elliot Spitzer's show, he interviewed Brigitte GabrielLebanese American journalist, author, and activist.

The general reason for the interview was NY Republican Peter King's committee investigating radical Islam
Spitzer, whose claim to fame before this show was paying $1000.00 an hour for the services of a hooker, was rude and ill-informed.

Ms. Gabrielle, who was born in Lebanon, and speaks French, Arabic and Hebrew, was eloquent in her description of radical Islam, although she had to deal with Spitzer's characterization of her as a racist, or Islamophobe.

I started with a mention of the misogyny demonstrated in "liberated" Egypt, but that is only one of the clues we are getting from the revolutions occurring in the Middle-East.
They are anti-semitic, as well.
They are Jew haters.

They were screaming "Jew!Jew!" while they raped Lara Logan, the Reporter.
They painted their most hated symbol, the Magen David, on the forehead of images of the man they most hated, at the time, Hosni Mubarak.

Yesterday there was a protest, by moderate Muslims, in New York, against Rep. King's hearings.
The women were wearing hijabs.

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