Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Respect For Human Rights In the Arabic World

Gaddafi, in the cowardly fashion typical of other terrorists and middle-eastern leaders in the last few years, blinked, and immediately proclaimed an unconditional ceasefire after previously threatening to show no mercy to the rebels in Libya, when informed of the vote sanctioning a no-fly zone in the UN today.
There are reports that he is continuing to murder Libyans, perhaps he feels that, like his fellow Islamist criminal leaders, such as the thugs running Iran, just saying he is not murdering innocent people will give him the “cover” to continue his butchery, as the murderers in Tehran are doing even now.
The consensus is that he will be removed from his office and prosecuted for war crimes or perhaps terminated by his erstwhile compatriots, the freedom loving people of North Africa, and specifically, of course, Libya.
What do the freedom loving people of Libya know of freedom?
Some would know the textbook definition, but most have no real conception of true freedom.
As politically incorrect as this may sound, the vast majority of the Arab, or "Arabic" peoples are brainwashed, bigoted and misogynistic, at least the males are.
There are those who have called for the civilized world to enter into the Arab world and bring freedom to the people there.
The civilized world will not have peace until we bring peace to the Arabs.
We have seen that already.
Ask yourself, what part of the world has not been impacted by Arab terror?
So, to paraphrase and old Broadway tune;
Either you're closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge, or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated by the presence of Islamism, particularly Arab Islamism, in your community.
Well, we got trouble my friends.

It's time to start speaking the truth, regardless of political correctness.
I applaud Obama and the British Prime Minister's support of the actions against Gaddafi.

Will Gaddafi die with a gun in his hand, or will he crawl out of a spider hole and be hung like a common criminal?
Time will tell.
However, when we leave, we should not just leave a Democracy behind.
Look what happened in Gaza and Iraq.
We should instruct the Arabs that they must include Human Rights in their new constitutions, and the world, perhaps under the UN, will remain in their “New” regimes and see that human rights are enforced, for all, including women.
They won’t like this.
I have spoken to many Arab men in the middle-east, and they like their women covered up and cowed.
There are males all over the world who would like to subjugate women, but civilized countries don’t permit it.
We should not permit it in the “ Arabic” world either.

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