Monday, June 29, 2009

Israel Prepares F-15 Jets for Long Range Attack

Someone is going to have to halt Iran.
It seems to me that it should be done by the U.S. , as it is past time for Obama to show in deeds that he is indeed a friend of Israel as he has stated many times.
If Israel has to do the deed, and take out Iran's nuclear capapbilty, the world will condemn her, and Iran may react in a way that will cost untold numbers of Persian lives and possibly a significant number of Israeli lives, as well.

If the U.S. reacts against this existential threat, a criminal Islamist regime with the ability to murder millions, most of the world will welcome it.
Militarily, at this point, Iran is not a real threat.
Even so, it behooves us to prepare and improve our weaponry.
Thanks to Arutz Sheva for this enlightening article.

Michael Blackburn, Sr.

by Gil Ronen F-15 Upgraded for Distant Attack

The Israel Air Force’s F-15 fleet is undergoing an upgrade, with systems that make it better equipped for complex long distance attack scenarios. The systems are being installed in both the F-15 and the F-15I -- a model of the F-15 that was developed by its U.S. manufacturer specifically for the IAF.

According to IDF journal BaMachaneh, the F-15I model is currently being fitted with two new systems – one called “Barad Pelada” (“Steel Hail”), and another named Lightning.

The Barad Pelada advanced weapons system has been operational in the IAF’s F-16s for almost four years, but had to be modified in order to fit the F-15.

Barad Pelada is an advanced Israeli armament that operates like a smart bomb. “The system is unique in that it is able to plan the bombing in an accurate way by identifying the target from above,” a knowledgeable source in the IAF explained. “After the identification, the system carries out guidance to the target and only then is impact made.”

The Lightning advanced attack system has also been in use in the IAF’s other jets. Until now, the F-15I jets had to rely on the older Inbar system, which used to be fitted in all of the IAF’s jets but was gradually phased out.

The Inbar system is capable of providing an operational solution in some ranges, but other attack scenarios require advanced systems like the Lightning, IAF sources said. “The need for the new system led to an accelerated procedure of development of advanced means,” a source in the IAF’s Weapons Department explained. “Once the testing at the Flight Experiment Center is finished, we will complete the system’s integration in the aircraft.”

A combination of two systems

For the time being, however, the F-15I jets will not part with the older Inbar systems. “From now on, the aircraft will enjoy a combination of both attack systems and will enjoy a meaningful advantage in their operational activity,” the sources said.

The F-15 jets, meanwhile, recently received a new weapon system named “Barad Kaved” (“Heavy Hail”) and used it for the first time during operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza in early 2009. IAF sources said the use was a success. The F-15 fighters used Barad Kaved in attacks with zero malfunctions, and “we are very pleased with its performance in the operation,” the sources said.

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