Friday, June 26, 2009

Gilad Shalit, Victim of Hamas War Crimes

Three years Gilad Shalit has been a victim of Kidnappers and terrorists.
Hamas are the same brutal thugs that murdered and tortured their fellow Palestinians in
Gaza, members of Fatah.
Although Fatah and Hamas are both criminal terror groups, Hamas hates members of Fatah because they are not members of Hamas, and because they have, indirectly, agreed to recognize Israel.
If they would torture their fellow terrorists, imagine the treatment the innocent, young, IDF soldier, kidnapped in Israel, is receiving.
If thousands of Americans write their Congressman, and Senators, and Barrack Obama, pressure will mount to do the right thing by this innocent man.
Put yourself in Gilad Shalit's shoes.
Imagine your son or daughter living this nightmare.
What would you do then?
Would you move heaven and earth to show mercy and compassion to a young man who has lived in agony and misery, cut off from all but his inquisitors, for three years, in contravention of all laws and any sense of decency?
President Obama has called on Israel to make concessions, but are concessions in order to these thugs who hold Gilad Shalit?
I think not.
Please contact all of the officials below.
Don't wait for someone else to do it.

This is not a Jewish or Israeli issue.
They despise all gentiles almost as much as they do the Jewish people, they have murdered and kidnapped Gentiles in the past.
Please help free Gilad Shalit from this endless nightmare.

Thank You, With All My Heart,

Michael Blackburn Sr.
Michael Blackburn Jr.

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