Friday, December 26, 2008

Israel Under Siege

Israel is being attacked by Kassam missles fired by Hamas on a daily basis.
Today Hamas “accidentally” murdered two Palestinian children by bombs falling short of Israeli targets.
Most supporters of Israel want to see Israel take strong action against the “government” of Gaza, bearded Islamic killers masquerading as “militants”.
Yesterday, according to sources, Hezbollah indirectly advised Hamas that they might not support them when Israel acts.
Hiezbollah gang members don’t want to die, they don’t mind their children dying, however.
A recently terminated Palestinian killer was quoted as saying recently, “We got kids banging at our doors day and night volunteering to be suicide bombers.
We got to turn most of them away.”
This is in large partly due to the fact that Palestinian Muslims are brainwashed from early childhood to hate Jews.
Israel is the frontline against criminally fanatic Muslim killers.
They are the only Democracy in the Middle-East.
They are the only country in the Middle-East that doesn’t torture women.
All decent people need to support Israel.
The Jews are the underdog in this fight, but their courage and valor has allowed them to defeat the might of 300 million Arab marauders in three wars.
Five million Jews defeating 300 million bloodthirsty barbarians.
Sometimes right equals might.
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