Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel Fights Back

A Chinese philosopher once said that death in war is never a cause of rejoicing,
It a cause for mourning.
And to some extent that is true.
In Gaza, as in other Arab controlled areas, children are brainwashed from pre-school
to hate Jews and Christians, so in a certain sense, we know that the Arab killers who butcher unarmed women and children are like zombied Manchurian Candidates, they kill blindly, to them Jewish babies are just Zionist targets.
They say, “The only good Jew is a dead Jew.”
Today, in a strategic coup de e'tat Hamas was dealt a major blow.
PM Olmert set up the operation by saying recently, while Palestinian criminals were launching missiles into Israel, “We are in no hurry to respond to Hamas.”
While Hamas continued raining Kassams into Israeli civilian centers, and relaxing in the belief that the Jews would not react, the IDF and the IAF struck a blow for freedom and the beleaguered Jewish State.
At this point over two hundred criminals have been “sent to Allah”.
Go Israel!
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