Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is Lying Po

Will the American electorate hold the Republican Party responsible for lying?
McBush has put out an add saying that Obama is responsible for high gas prices.
Their surrogates say, "Obama is for an immediate unconditional pullout from Iraq."
He has stated that he would pull the troops out as soon as conditions allow it, based on conditions in Iraq.
We support keeping troops in Iraq, our presence is a moderating influence on the region, and it is beneficial for the average Arab and others to see that we are a civilized, decent people.
Our presence may be needed militarily if the Iranian Government decides to practice extermination on the Jewish People, as their President has promised to do.
But make no mistake, the American people are being lied to.President Bush lied about why we went into Iraq in the first place..or perhaps he was bamboozled by Cheney.
But we were lied to.
5000 Americans have died, poor Americans, Americans who joined the service because it offered a career opportunity.
We respect the courage of the troops, their is no questioning that.Young Americans have shown amazing courage and decency.
But the Bush administration screwed up horribly by disbanding the Iraqi military.We are only now beginning to recover from this disaster.
This mistake cost lives.
It is time for a change,part of the appeal of Obama seems to be that he speaks eloquently and fluently, and the reason he does so, and this is worth noting, is that he believes what he says.
The Republicans keep trying to hustle the electorate by scaring them, they say that Obama is a radical leftist.
He is a moderate, a liberal.
There is no question in my mind that this country does need change.
The Obama candidacy has exposed a side of America that I hadn't expected to see, a resurgence, in whispers, of racism.
Someone actually said to me, "America does not want a nigger for president."
I hadn't heard that word for some time except from black people, I was somewhat shocked, and yet, I have had the same reaction from others, without the use of the word "nigger", including a former Judge, a self proclaimed liberal.
The Klan used to say that if one had a drop of African blood, he was a "nigger".
It is frightening and even disgusting to see otherwise decent people seeming to embrace this racist ideology.
I have very little respect for McBush since his campaign is based on willful distortion of Obama's positions.
We do not need another liar as president.
What we need is frankness and honesty, and education.
We do not need more divisiveness.
America is changing into some type of distortion of itself, where compassion is called leftism and outright lying passes for political discourse.
Obama's passion is for people, all people, not black, not white, people.
We desperately need morality back in the white house, and the candidate picked by the Republicans has not shown any of this quality.
We need change.
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