Thursday, July 31, 2008

Avoid Arab Countries!

A BRITISH couple who had sex on the beach in Dubai will stand trial next month,
it emerged last night.
Publishing executive Michelle Palmer, 36, and IT firm
boss Vince Acors, 34,
were arrested during a romp on a sun lounger.
Authorities in the Muslim
state said the pair will go on trial on August 21 for having sex in public and
outside marriage and drunkenness.
Acors, of Bromley, Kent and Palmer, of Oakham, Rutland, could be punished
by up to six years in jail.
The lovers – who met hours earlier – claimed
they were too drunk to recall their actions on Jumeirah Beach.
But a legal source in the United
Arab Emirates said: “DNA tests proved they had sex that day and now they must
face the consequences.
“There is every chance they will be made an example

Dubai wants tourists.
Dubai counts on tourism.
They are staking their future on it.
Don't go to Dubai as a tourist.
Don't invest in a country that despises G-d and non-hypocritical religion.
If this woman goes to prison she will be forced to practice the Islamic cult, with its misogynist trappings, and will probably be raped repeatedly by "holy" Arab jailers.
The Muslims persecute women daily.
In the hottest part of the year they make females dress like walking tents, they teach young girls to hate themselves, they practice female "circumcision", and in most Arab countries they deprive women of any rights whatsoever, condemning them as worse than property.
The fact is that Muslims are not capable of running their countries in a civilized way.
Michelle Palmer is known by associates to be kind and charitable, a friend said ,"She is the kindest person I know."
One hopes that the British Government intervenes and extricates these two hapless individuals who are guilty of nothing more than poor judgement.
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