Monday, October 15, 2007

Why So Many Arab "refugees"?

I often wonder what a place the world would have been had every Jew across the globe, from Rio to Toronto to Philadelphia to Paris and London, had waged a decades-long campaign of terror to avenge the genocide of six million of their co-religionists in the ovens, torture chambers and gas chambers of Auschwitz, Belsen, Treblinka, et al?
If every time a synagogue is attacked or a rabbi coming out of a service in North London is attacked young Jews decide to blow up a bus ?

Why is the immensely wealthy Arab world not capable of helping its own ?
Why should one Iraqi be living in squalor?
And where is the Arab League, or worldwide Muslim charities, when they should be helping get Iraq back into some semblance of order?
The overriding conclusion of the panel was that the sudden departure of coalition troops would create a disastrous scenario and chaos.
The Americans seem incapable of comprehending this and are bitter at the ingratitude shown by Iraq, including what is perceived as a lazy government constantly taking time off for leisure whilst the nation descends into a cauldron of violence.
Around the world the majority view is that Americans are not all that bright about things foreign.
In my view, the hard-working, forward-looking, compartmentalised American psyche simply cannot comprehend a nation of people descending into internecine turmoil and blowing each other, including children, to kingdom come after a tyrant has been toppled.
And before I am bombarded with emails about the bloody American Civil War, it must be noted that it was fought to free the slaves, a noble cause. Americans did not go out and blow each other up because of tribal religious fanaticism.
If the Iraqis, after the Americans leave, can put aside their hatred of the Jews, I think of the many contributions Israel could make to showing Iraqis how to pull a country together and develop wonderful symphony orchestras, art galleries, architectural projects, scientific institutions and other endeavours. If the survivors of the death camps could create magnificent agricultural achievements, including the award-winning Yarden wines, then why can the Iraqis not create a nation filled with creativity and dynamism as is found in tiny Israel?
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