Tuesday, October 9, 2007

IDF: Hamas now in full control of Gaza arms smuggling

The current border between Gaza is a mess, due to the fact that the town, Rafah, straddles the border - where 99% of the smuggling takes place.SO MOVE THE DEFACTO BORDER!! Occupy a 3km belt of Gaza in the nearly unpopulated zone North of Rafah (too wide for them to tunnel under), depopulate it completely relocating the small population North or South, and turn it into a fenced off HEAVILY FORTIFIED closed military zone (like Korean DMZ). Egypt can reassume full control of Rafah and the old Philadelphi route if they want. No Gazans live in airport district or in former settlements by coast. Easy to reclaim 3km wide empty areas as part of this new zone. Boot out the EU "monitors" and restrict anything entering/leaving Gaza except on condition of good behavior by whoever is in charge of this perennial cesspool. Don`t do this, and Gaza will turn into Mogadishu/Pyongyang/Pakistan "tribal area". Forget the mad Peres fantasy that "Palestinians" were ever going to turn it into a Hong Kong.

Hamas now has complete control over the smuggling routes from Egypt, having forced the clans that previously controlled these routes to take orders from it, say senior officers in the Israel Defense Forces. The officers said there has been a sharp increase in the quantity of explosives, including various types of rockets, smuggled into the Gaza Strip from Egypt over the last few weeks.
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