Saturday, October 14, 2006

He's Ba--aack!

The man who Geraldo Rivera calls "a creep, sleazy, anti-Semite" appeared on Good Morning America Oct 13th, continuing his P.R. campaign that began with his recent DUI arrest, the goal of which seems to be to pave the way for acceptance of the release of his latest film due out late this month.
After saying that the anit-Jew comments he made were just drunken ramblings, and didn't represent his true views, and that the statement he made to arresting officers that "Jews cause all the wars", was not something he really believed, he admitted that he did have "pent up anger" resulting from criticism of his version of the "Passion Play" as being anti-Semitic.
He said, "I received a lot of brutal attacks from Jews, and not one apology."
He also stated that he was "angry" about the "Jews activities" during the conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebonan.

In a related story, Bill O'reilly, Fox News right wing commentator, (who recently settled a sexual harassment case out of court) defended Gibson and said that Geraldo should forgive Gibson because, in his words, to Geraldo, "You are a Jew Catholic."
O'Reilly also expressed his view that negative criticism directed against Gibson's father was unfair.
Gibson's father, you may recall, in denying that the Holocaust actually occurred, said, " Six million Jews weren't murdered in Germany, they just moved to Florida."
Although, at the time, Gibson didn't address that comment, he did say he "would punch anyone in the mouth" who said his father was a liar.
I actually emailed Gibson at the time, and wrote, "Mel Gibson, you are an unrepentant anti-Jew. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Oh, and your father is a liar.
I've enclosed my phone number so you can call me and we can meet at the local boxing club so you can punch me in the mouth, if you are able."
Surprisingly, he never called.

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