Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Headlines from the Jerusalem Post

Israel may follow Lebanese example and flout UN 1701Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev to Post: If Lebanon can't keep its side of resolution, we should reconsider keeping ours.
Suleiman meeting with Hamas on ShalitUS National Intelligence Director also in Cairo; Haniyeh: Deal "almost closed."
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In Washington: Olmert should attend the next Arab summitBy MJ ROSENBERGIt is absurd to believe that the Palestinian insurrection can be defeated militarily.
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Committee calls for law to govern sex selectionBy JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICHOnly three couples out of 124 who have applied were given permission to choose children's sex.
IDF reservist wounded in shooting attackTwo Hamas members killed in Gaza; Galant: Hamas building real army in Strip.
Nat'l alert at highest ahead of paradePolice to decide Wednesday whether Gay Pride Parade will go on as planned.
Katsav released from Hadassah HospitalPresident underwent series of tests; doctors find nothing abnormal.
Rabbis meet with Abbas on Shalit issueMK Rabbi Melchior: Abbas wants to be leader who signs peace deal with Israel.

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