Sunday, January 14, 2018

Trump "My Secret Service Wouldn't Let McAuliffe Beat me up."

After Governor McAuliffe said that if trump tried the kind of intimidation he has done to women, with him, "They'd have to pick him up off the floor", there was silence from the WH.
Insiders say that trump was terrified upon hearing the Governors warning.
Apparently trump only has the courage to physically harras women.
Not surprisingly, trump displays the traits associated with bullies; cowardice and insults, then retreating behind a protector, in this case he reportedly said to aides "The secret service would protect me."
This so called president is a disgrace, as his approval ratings continue to plummet lower than any president in history.
Much of the world has expressed alarm at trump's incompetence and strange behavior, and adding this disgusting display of cowardice on trump's part is hardly surprising.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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