Sunday, August 20, 2017

Don Lemon Calls out trump Surrogate Congressman Jack Kingsley for Lying

Trump's spokesmen and women are shameless liars,
Every educated American knows this.
We support free speech, that being said, trump's corrupt administration should not be allowed on ANY program to dissemble and repeat fabrications to further con those too unsophisticated to untangle the outright lying perpetrated by these immoral con-men and women.
Recently, in a long segment of non-stop lying, Don Lemon finally stopped Kingsley and informed him, "It's fine to disagree, but I won't allow you here to repeat lies, which you have been doing. I won't allow you to repeat propaganda which most people know is untrue."
Don Lemon did a real service, and hopefully this will continue.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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