Sunday, July 23, 2017

After terrorist murder lawrence Wilkerson Blames Israel

After the terrorist murder that left three Jews dead,
Lawrence Wilkerson,
hard left former advisor to one term President Carter led the attack  against the Jewish state this morning on CNN.
"The Zionists’ ultimate goal,” said Wilkerson, was an expansion of Israeli control into “greater Israel,” including Gaza, Jerusalem, the “West Bank,” the Sinai Peninsula, parts of Lebanon and Syria, and all of Jordan. He described this vision as “untenable” and contributing to “apartheid” between Jews and Arabs.

The former adviser of antiJew Bernie Sanders stated earlier this month that Israel “would be eliminated by the international community” or surrounding Muslim Arabs if the status quo of the Jewish state continues.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (Ret.) was tapped as a quasi-adviser by Sanders’s campaign, reported left-wing Politico in February. He formerly served as Chief of Staff for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, illustrating that former President George W. Bush was not particularly diligent in staffing the executive with right-wing persons.
Speaking with socialist outlet The Real News, where he has a regular eponymous segment, Wilkerson described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “ultra-right-wing.” Attributing Netanyahu’s political party with dismantling the “peace process,” the former colonel stated that Likud had fomented the discord which led to the assassination of left-wing former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Rabin’s death, according to Wilkerson, led to the demise of the “peace process,” and is attributable to Netanyahu’s politics.
Casting America as “one-sided” in its approach to the conflict between Israel and the “Palestinians,” Wilkerson regularly describes the American-Israeli relationship as a liability for U.S. interests. Adopting the narrative of left-wing academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt - authors of The Israel Lobby - Wilkerson claims that American foreign policy has essentially been hijacked by a minority ethnic interest group to benefit Israel at America’s expense.
Casting AIPAC - a left-wing Democrat-run organization that provides cover to anti-Zionist politicians like President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - as right-wing, Wilkerson warned against what he described was America's subservience to Israel. Speaking at a left-wing anti-Zionist conference entitled, "Israel's Influence: Good Or Bad For America?", he stated that Islamic terrorism resulted from widespread perceptions among Muslims of desperation. He recommended that Islamic terrorism be combated with international aid and development, not-so-subtly invoking the neo-Marxist view of Jihadism as a function of global income inequality. Ceasing military aid to Israel, he added, was another essential ingredient to pacify Islamic terrorism targeting America.
“The ultra-right-wing of Israel has captured AIPAC, and AIPAC has captured the United States Congress, and to a certain extent, the Oval Office,” said Wilkerson, aligning himself with neo-Nazi and Islamic viewpoints of malevolent Jewish conspiratorial political control.
Wilkerson also claimed that Israeli policy towards the “Palestinians” amounted to an ethnic cleansing, stating that the American-Indian Wars of the 19th century amounted to a meaningful parallel.

So, CNN was able to bash Israel via proxy Wilkerson.
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