Monday, September 12, 2016

Kate Upton Chastises Celebrities For Disrespecting Our Flag and Supporting Hate groups on 9/11

If you know anything about Islam, you knew it was just a matter of time before Kaepernick expressed his hatred of America. He has said that he believes that the U.S., which has a multitude of laws protecting minorities, a black President and thousands of black lawmakers across the country, oppresses Black people.
He has also said that he supports the hate group Black Lives Matter, a group which openly calls for the murder of Police Officers and white people, or as they put it "Crackers".  Kate Upton, the supermodel, has some choice  words for those who despise our country.

In my opinion, the national anthem is a symbolic song about our country. It represents honoring the many brave men and women who sacrifice and have sacrificed their lives each and every single day to protect our freedom. Sitting or kneeling down during the national anthem is a disgrace to those people who have served and currently serve our country. Sitting down during the national anthem on September 11th is even more horrific. Protest all you want and use social media all you want. However, during the nearly two minutes when that song is playing, I believe everyone should put their hands on their heart and be proud of our country for we are all truly blessed. Recent history has shown that it is a place where anyone no matter what race or gender has the potential to become President of the United States. We live in the most special place in the world and should be thankful. After the song is over, I would encourage everyone to please use the podium they have, stand up for their beliefs, and make America a better place. The rebuilding of battery park and the freedom tower demonstrates that amazing things can be done in this country when we work together towards a common goal. It is a shame how quickly we have forgotten this as a society. Today we are more divided then ever before. I could never imagine multiple people sitting down during the national anthem on the September 11th anniversary. The lessons of 911 should teach us that if we come together, the world can be a better and more peaceful place #neverforget.
A photo posted by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on Sep 11, 2016 at 4:12pm PD

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