Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's Time for The Arab Occupation Of Israel to End

Jews are the indigenous people of Israel.
Most of the Arab occupiers arrived after the Arab defeat, subsequent to the Arab armies war of agression in 1967, when the arab occupation began refering to themselves as "Palestinians" a term which prior to the Arab invasion had refered to the indigenous Jewish population.
Even so, Israelis generously allowed the Arab occupiers to remain, and invited them to become citizens of the ME only Democratic Nation.
The Arab response has been murder and other forms of terrorism.
After the "Arab Spring" the arab world broke out in open rebellion joining existing terror gangs and forming new, even more blood thirsty gangs and began slaughtering raping and oppressing their fellow muslims, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the reach of these criminals.
It is time for the arabians illegally occupying Israel, YESHA, to return to their own lands, and take their bloodlust and sociopathic behavior with them.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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