Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trump: World would be better off if Saddam, Gadhafi still in power

That is the problem with Trump.
Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, he comes out with policies that intelligent people support,, right and left..
A couple of days ago he said, "I will deport every single Syrian refugee."
That  is the right thing to do.
Today he said, "Iraq would be better off today if we hadn't deposed Saddam.  Libya  would be better off if we hadn't helped depose Gaddafi.".
It is a serious error to allow Arab "refugees" into our country
We don't have enough people here that already hate America?
We need more people to riot and  desecrate our symbols?
Remember the last time we saved an Arab refugee and he went on TV and said "Thank you America. Thank you for your freedom and the compassion you give to the world's downtrodden people.
Now we can go to Synagogues and churches and pray with our American friends"

Remember that?

Me either...

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