Sunday, March 9, 2014


What can you tell us about your meeting with Obama?

"First of all, it was much better than the interview that preceded it. This is a fact. Before I arrived in Washington I mentioned that over past five years I've proven that I know how to stand up very well to pressures and criticism, and maintain Israel's vital interests -- and that's what I did during the meeting on the Palestinian issue and on the Iranian issue. I don't hide, aside from our agreement that Iran must not be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon, our disagreement over allowing Iran to preserve uranium enrichment capabilities. I have not wavered from my view that there is no reason for Iran to have even one centrifuge.

There is a change taking place in the United States. Certain communities are growing, such as the Hispanic community, where Israel has less influence. Among other populations as well, among youngsters, there is less support for Israel, and there are those who accuse you of essentially not knowing today's America. What is your response to these claims?

"I am amused by them. If someone thinks I don't know the U.S., he apparently doesn't know me. I know it well, including all the changes taking place there. That's why I recently said we need to teach Israeli children two additional languages: Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, preferably with a Mexican accent. This is precisely because I am aware of the changes happening in the United States. I am making great efforts, as is our diplomatic corps, to engage the Hispanic community specifically and American youth in general in the U.S.

What is needed for Pollard to be released?

"An American decision is required. I think the time has come. The time is growing long and the man is not well. "

Did Obama provide any light at the end of the tunnel on this matter?

"I can only say what I've said."

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