Friday, August 16, 2013

Egyptian Security Left With No Choice

Yesterday, according to witnesses,terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood terror group attacked Policemen, tortured and murdered a police chief and looted and burned at least ten Christian Coptic churches. In response, as shown on video, the security forces fought back and emerged victorious against heavily armed Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. One civilian commented, "The Brotherhood are criminals, they are raping Christian women and pillaging Christian churches. Do not believe CNN or Al Jazeera, ask the Egyptian people. We want democracy, not Sharia imposed by Brotherhood terrorists." The terrorists proclaimed today a day of "Revenge and Rage" as a few thousand terrorists took to the streets armed with Russian made rifles and throwing Molotov cocktails at Police. So far today, 60 terrorists have been killed. For more on the terror situation in Egypt, watch this space.
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The Chomsky Hoax
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