Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Aren't They Investigating The Quakers?

Disclaimer: Not all Muslims are violent and seek the destruction of civilization and believe declaring a brutal Jihad against innocent people is desirable.
However, there are a billion Muslims, and a significant percentage of them do follow, advocate and perpetrate violent criminal activity.

Hundreds of Muslims are angry, according to news reports, because the New Jersey State attorney General has found that the surveillance of Muslim groups in NY and New Jersey is legal.
Aww, poor babies.
It seems to me they are almost always angry.
Whenever you see Muslims on the media, they are angry.
They are angry when the are caught practicing terrorism.
They are angry when they are convicted of honor killings of their daughters.
It's regrettable that Islam, as it is practiced by millions of Muslims around the world is violent and oppressive.
It wasn't a group of Quakers that brutally murdered three thousand innocent Americans in 2002.
It wasn't a Seventh Day Adventist who put a bomb on his shoe and attempted to murder hundreds of innocent people.
It's not Mormons who have beheaded their wives and murdered their daughters for violations of Sharia Law.
No Christian, or for that matter, secular country in the world treats women and girls worse than animals.
We at IsraelAmerica applaud the efforts of the New York Police Department in their efforts to prevent crime by investigating known violent groups, including the Mafia and Muslims in the U.S.

The New Jersey Attorney General made a good call.

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