Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Political Correctness is Incorrect

Political correctness started off as a positive thing.
It began as a movement to cease calling Black people “the 'N' word”.
To stop calling gay people “faggot”.
To refer to indigenous people in America as “Native Americans” which they are, rather than “Indians” which they are not.
This was a good thing.
Unfortunately, it has morphed, i.e., changed, into something harmful.
Today it is considered politically incorrect to discuss radical Islam.
It is considered politically incorrect to refer to Islamic terrorists as Islamic terrorists.
People need to be aware  that a section of Islam, a large section of Islam, believes that they are in a holy war against the civilized world.
Millions of Muslims treat women and girls as chattel, and deny them equality and basic human rights.
People say, “Well, that is their culture.”
Our culture, American culture, used to support slavery, it was wrong in the 1800's, and it is wrong now.
It was wrong for Muslims to treat women as chattel in the 1600's, and it is wrong now, even if for whatever reason, some women willingly submit to this dehumanization and misogyny under the facade of “culture”.

PC has become a screen to hide the truth, worse, a subterfuge to attack decent people while preventing exposure of falsehood.
It is now politically correct to insult the State of Israel, to make vile accusations about Israel, to refer to Israel, a Democratic state, the ONLY Democracy in the middle-east, a country which guarantees basic human rights to ALL citizens, Arab and Jews and Ethiopians, etc, as an Apartheid state, like the former South Africa.
It is now politically correct to slander the Jewish people, as long as one uses the term Israelis, or Zionists.
It is politically incorrect to mention the unceasing brutality of those Muslims who routinely engage in murder and genocide in the middle-East, Africa, and wherever else they have gained power.
If one slanders the Jews, that's alright, nothing wrong with that, “move along people, nothing to see here, we are just slandering the Jews again...oops, I mean the Israelis and the Zionists.”

Here at IsraelAmerica we get lots of hate mail from Arabs and other Muslims and even some far left Americans and Europeans.
If you criticize the horrors of Islam, as it is practiced and supported by millions of Muslims, you are labeled an “Islamophobe”.

This type of political correctness is not only hypocritical (it's ok to criticize the 5 million Jews in Israel, but not the 300 million Arabs who are united in their hostility to the Jewish people) it's dangerous.
Muslims who accept the rules of civilization should be  encouraged.
Muslims who use violence to achieve their goals,  Muslims who terrorize and degrade women and girls, the response to them should be steadfast opposition, open discourse, and the truth.
That does not make you an Islamophobe.
That makes you a speaker of truth.


MEM said...

Shalom. Thank you for leaving a comment.

Michael Blackburn, Sr said...

Shalom. You're welcome, your blog,
is informative and very poignant.

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