Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Occupy Wall Street is Irrelevant

It's a shame that a movement which has had many worthy goals has decided to join forces with the most regressive elemnts of the hard left and use the Occupy movement as yet another tool to attack the tiny Jewish State of Israel.
No one with a clear conscience and a love of Democracy should support this movement.
As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Anti Israel is always a code phrase for antisemitic."


In the progressive-left war against the Jews, via their hostility toward the Jewish state, a favorite tactic is analogizing the state of Israel to either Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, or the Jim Crow South. Perhaps what is most insidious about this tactic is that they teach it to Jewish kids who are then forced to choose between the Jewish people and our enemies, who they are told are our victims when the reverse is the actual historical case. If these kids dare to stand up for their own people they are then called "racist" by insidious progressives who are, themselves, the very epitome of racist.

Above is a photo of some of these anti-Israel Occupiers who want to suggest that Israel is something akin to the Jim Crow South. Decade upon decade, century upon century, the Jewish people get told how vile we are and how we deserve whatever punishment, or violence (resistance) that they encourage toward us.

Progressives like those in the photo above encourage Arab violence against Jews in the Middle East, and elsewhere, because they validate false Arab / Palestinian grievances against us. The truth of the matter, of course, is that just as Israel is nothing like Nazi Germany, and just as Israel is nothing like Apartheid South Africa, so Israel is nothing whatsoever like the Jim Crow South. That's what "From Birmingham to Jerusalem, Separate is Not Equal" means. It means that just as the Jim Crow South needed to be undone and just as Apartheid South Africa needed to be undone and just as Nazi Germany needed to be undone, so the Jewish state of Israel must be dismantled... by any means necessary, including violence.

This is, in fact, second cousin to the blood libel. If the blood libel means that Jews, either for religious reasons or out of gratuitous malice, enjoy slaughtering innocent non-Jewish children, this is the equally false and egregious accusation that the Jewish state is maliciously oppressing its non-Jewish population.

It is a lie.

In the Jim Crow South black people were prevented from voting in various ways, such as poll taxes and literacy tests. In Israel, Muslim and Christian citizens have the full franchise and there are Arab members of the Knesset and have been pretty much from the beginning of that besieged country.

In the Jim Crow South black people could not eat in the same restaurants as white people, nor could they be treated at the same hospitals or attend the same schools, despite the fact that they were not rocketing American cities or strapping suicide belts onto their children for the purpose of murdering white people.

Virulent forms of religious and gender apartheid are widespread throughout the Middle East, just not in Israel. For example, Jews are not allowed to even live (period) in either Saudi Arabia or Jordan. For centuries the Arab world treated the Jews as second and third class citizens and actually launched a war against us in the 1920s which continues to this day.

We are 13 million people facing 1.5 billion people whose holy book tells them that we are the enemy of G-d.

In the Middle East, we are 5.5 million facing 300 to 400 million who mainly do not want us there and whose religious leaders perpetually incite genocidal violence toward us.

Yet western progressives think that we are the oppressors for allegedly treating the local Palestinian-Arabs poorly. They rioted against us in the 1920s and 1930s because the Palestinian's Nazi leader, the Mufti, promoted genocidal race hatred toward Jews.

In November of 1947, the local Arabs launched a civil war against the Jews directly after the adoption of UN 181, the partition plan.

In 1948, 1967, and 1973 many of the Arab states launched wars in order to wipe us out of the Middle East entirely.

And today we have both progressives and Democrats, who vilify the Jews of the Middle East in just the way that we see in the photo above, and yet so many liberal Jews continue to support a movement and political party that hardly cares if we live or die.

Any sentient Jewish human being should recognize that it is long, long past time for Jews to abandon that movement and that party because not only do they not serve our best interests, but actively, passionately, and continually incite against us, thereby confirming the false Palestinian narrative of never-ending righteous victimhood.

The Palestinians blame us for their failures and the progressive-left agrees with them, encourages them, and more often than not, sides with them.

I think it is a disgrace that so many Jews continue to support a politics that may prove yet to be wholly disastrous to the Jewish people.

But we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Quite the contrary. The above flag is encouraging Israel not to be blinded by its own aggression towards Palestinians. To put the blame squarely on Palestinians for their flaws is to ignore things that happen that clearly were not their fault. Israel attacked the flotilla into Palestine trying to give them aide. Israel told a Palestinian woman who was just trying to have a lemon tree farm that she couldn't next to the Prime Minister's home, because she was Palestinian, and they bulldozed her home in the film "The Lemon Tree." Israel is erecting walls around the roads between the two parts of Palestine that are taller than the Berlin wall. That's called hiding your head in the sand the last time I looked. And not giving water to the shanty towns in Palestine is not an act of peace. There is severe inequity. Opportunity is slim to nil for any Palestinian to make their way up in Israel. So Israel must at least try not to appear to be an aggressor, if it is not to get such criticism. Until Israel stops appearing as an aggressor, there will also be such antipathy against it. I as a Jew don't like the scene any more than the next Jew, but I have to be honest with myself. Hatred of Israel's political policies does not equate anti-semitism. It equates realism and a compassion for all fellow human beings. I agree Israel was founded on good principles. But its present actions defy the very principles it was founded on.

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